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xoBeauty Ultrasoft Makeup Sponge Duo Set (Teardrop & Flatedge)

xoBeauty Ultrasoft Makeup Sponge Duo Set (Teardrop & Flatedge)

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Introducing the Shaaanxo approved ULTRASOFT MAKEUP SPONGE 2 pack Duo set including 1x Teardrop (black) sponge & 1x Flatedge (Pink) sponge. Our ultrasoft makeup Sponge works well with any of your liquid or creme makeup products! We have made sure to create this sponge from new improved materials that allow even application of product for a beautiful application of makeup finish. This sponge is Cruelty Free, Reusable, Latex Free, Non-Toxic & Super Soft.

Remember to pair these up with our Solid Brush Cleaner. This is the perfect tool to keep your sponges looking fresh & clean.

Important About Sponge Colour:
Please be aware that the sponge colour intensity can sometimes vary in shade from the photos seen here. This is due to the manufacturing process. 

Directions for Use:
Use damp for best results. To dampen, soak sponge in water until the sponge is fully wet and grows larger. Gently squeeze out excess water and use the desired side of the sponge to apply your makeup product.

Use it With:

  • Primers
  • Concealers
  • Foundations
  • Powders
  • Liquid or Cream Makeup


TIPS (Teardrop & Teardrop Flat Edge Duo Kit Shapes):

  • Use pointed edges under your eyes and around your nose
  • Use larger, rounded surfaces to apply foundation
  • Use flat edges to apply a heavier coverage or to apply baking powder
  • Blend using patting and bouncing motions
  • Press additional product on areas where more coverage is needed
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