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xoBeauty Terracotta Collection Bundle

xoBeauty Terracotta Collection Bundle

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The Shaaanxo Terracotta Collection captures the very essence of the earth, offering a harmonious blend of warm neutral tones, through to greens and blues. At its core, this collection celebrates the rich, earthy hues that we see all around us.

The Terracotta Eyeshadow Palette features an array of captivating shades inspired by the tones of the earth. With a mix of matte and shimmer finishes, this palette empowers you to create both subtle, everyday looks and dramatic, sultry effects that mirror the depth and beauty of nature.

The Terracotta Water Activated Eyeliner Palette continues the theme with versatile shades that enhance your eyes. From a soft earthy brown to an intense chocolate hue, plus gorgeous shades of green - this palette offers options for defining and accentuating your eyes for day or night. Get creative and mix the tones to suit your mood!

The Lip Duo in shade "Raw" adds a touch of natural elegance. This warm peach-toned pairing includes a creamy lipstick and a coordinating lip liner that combine to create a captivating lip look, that embodies the collection's terracotta roots.

For those seeking a nude lip statement, the Lip Duo in shade "Clay" is a must-have. This duo boasts a stunning nude lipstick with a darker liner. With its smooth texture and intense pigment, it perfectly compliments the warmth of the earth's tones.

Completing the collection are the Brown False Lashes in "Torrid" and "Desert." "Torrid" (light brown and black mix lashes) offers volume and drama, while "Desert" (light brown lashes) brings a softer, more natural effect to your eyes.

In its entirety, the Shaaanxo Terracotta Collection pays homage to the beauty of nature's warm embrace, allowing you to express your unique style while embodying the grounded charm of the earth.

Please note, due to different computer monitors the colors may vary slightly from the picture.
Products in Collection:
1x Terracotta Eyeshadow Palette 12 Pan
1x Terracotta Water Activated Eyeliner Palette 4 Pan
1x Terracotta Lip Duo Clay (lipstick + lip pencil)
1x Terracotta Lip Duo Raw (lipstick + lip pencil)
1x Terracotta Single Lashes Torrid
1x Terracotta Single Lashes Desert

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