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xoBeauty NOSTALGIA Eyeshadow Palette

xoBeauty NOSTALGIA Eyeshadow Palette

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"Okay, this is just something I had to do. I've been on this YouTube journey for over 10 years now and I'm feeling sentimental.

Who remembers the under 301 club? Natural Nymph lipstick? Who remembers when I used to film on my MacBook webcam?

Here we have an eyeshadow palette inspired by our past. I say 'our' because we have been on this journey together! 

I love looking back and appreciating past trends, and perhaps cringing at my old videos and makeup looks.

Every step along the way brought us to where we are today - and I'm so thankful to have you here by my side!

So whether you've been here with me for over 10 years, or you are new around here... either way you are a part of this crazy journey and I love you and appreciate you endlessly"

- xoxo Shannon

301 - Purple plum with pink undertones
OOTD - Rich matte burgundy plum
LAGUNA - Medium warm brown
CLUBBING - High shine, shimmering navy blue
GRWM - Deep matte navy blue
WEBCAM - Warm silvered taupe with a high shine finish
BIRTHDAY - Medium bright purple with a matte finish
88 - Shimmery pinky purple
MILK - Milky gold reflect with a bright shimmer
SAINT - Silky matte, cool toned medium pink
ANGEL - Pale, cool toned pink shimmer
QUITE CUTE - Bright, shimmery hot pink
NYMPH - Light nude shimmer
OCC - Bold warm hot pink
INDIA - Peachy coral with pink and gold shimmer reflect
GASM - Peachy pink shimmer with subtle hints of gold

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