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Wrinkles Schminkles 3 Step Mouth & Lip Renewal Pack

Wrinkles Schminkles 3 Step Mouth & Lip Renewal Pack

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The ultimate package deal for refined marionette lines, smoothed out jowls & plumped, hydrated skin!

A targeted treatment to help smooth and refine visible lines around the mouth, these 100% Medical Grade Silicone Patches sit comfortably above and below your lips or vertically along marionette lines while you sleep (or multi-task), rehydrating, smoothing and refining the skin.

The perfect patch-match: prolong the life of your Silicone Patches with our Silicone Patch Cleanser. This cleanser has been specially-formulated to properly clean your reusable Silicone Patches without breaking down the adhesive.

Our Morning After Glow Serum is your must-have daily essential: plump, hydrate and glow with this powerful blend of antioxidants, actives and essential fatty acids. Designed to use daily to target fine lines and wrinkles and deeply replenish dry or dehydrated skin for a bouncy, radiant glow.
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