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PONi Lash Lovers Bundle

PONi Lash Lovers Bundle

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If you’re too glam to give a damn, turn up the drama with this killer length + volume lash combo. 


The White Knight Mascara
The ultimate panda-eye proof tubing mascara, water-resistant White Knight Mascara builds length and clump-free volume with a dual functioning brush.

Unlike traditional waterproof mascaras, White Knight Mascara creates water-resistant 'tubes' that close around each individual lash. They slide off easily with warm water only. No rubbing and pulling around your delicate eye area! Plus, you'll skip the toxins of synthetic makeup remover.

Lash and Brow Growth Serum
Goodbye patchy brows and barely-there lashes! This safe, easy to use lash and brow serum boosts natural growth for thicker, darker and longer lashes and brows.

Containing no harmful ingredients and suitable for almost everyone this lash and brow growth serum will improve the length and thickness of sparse lashes and eyebrows.

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