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Matis Paris Response Body Slim-Motion

Matis Paris Response Body Slim-Motion

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This care is a thermoactive emulsion. The heating effect begins during the massage for a circulatory system activation and a better penetration of the active ingredients. A biotechnological extract increases the adiponectin release, that mimics the effect of endurance exercise training. The adipocytes are also released and the muscle fibers toned.


  • Heating effect for a better penetration of active ingredients
  • Mimics the effect of endurance exercise

How to use:

Apply in circular massaging motions morning and evening to targeted areas (tummy, arms, etc.) until the product is fully absorbed. Must not be used by pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Size: 200ml

Key Ingredients

  • Caffeine

    The caffeine, extracted from the coffee seeds, contains polyphenols. It’s a lipolytic active ingredient well-known in slimness, it encourages fat cell elimination in order to fight against cellulite. The caffeine acts on the biological mechanism of the lipolysis, which allows the body to reduce its fat stock.

  • Papaya enzyme

    This enzyme leads to a soft exfoliation and an amelioration of the skin appearance. Its exfoliation capacity is close to those from other chemical exfoliating active ingredients. But, unlike these chemical ingredients, the papain enzyme isn’t irritating. The skin is radiant and soft
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