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Matis Paris Reponse Cosmake-up Hyalu-BB

Matis Paris Reponse Cosmake-up Hyalu-BB

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Its fluid velvet-finish texture leaves the skin soft and perfected. This formula draws on a natural, botanical alternative to hyaluronic acid and color-correcting pigments to adapt to all shades of skin tone. This BB cream contains SPF 15 to counter the everyday stresses of city living. The skin is left perfectly hydrated and protected, with blemishes and unevenness blurred.

-25.3% Number of fine wrinkles*

+45.8% Hydration after 1h**

+34.8% Hydration after 2h**

+20.9% Hydration after 3h**

*By taking of imprints. Application once a day the morning during 28 days of the BB Cream, by 22 women. **Unique application of the BB Cream, on 10 women. Measures by corneometric values.

Application advice : Apply to face and neck.

Period after opening : 12 months.

Made in France

Cassia Angustifolia: An indian plant, botanical alternative of the hyaluronic acid. Contains polysaccharides, which present the same properties as the acid hyaluronic. This alternative acts on the skin of two manners : the polysaccharides forms a protective film which fills the small folds and smooths wrinkles. Moreover its properties of water retention assure an intensive hydratation of the skin.

Solar filter protection SPF15: Chemical and physical compounds which protect the skin against UV radiation.

Size: 50ml 

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