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Lash Perfect Sticky Liner Black

Lash Perfect Sticky Liner Black

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Lash Perfect Sticky Liner, available in black and clear, is specially designed to transform the way strip lashes are applied.

This new innovative technology combines an easy to use eyeliner pen with eyelash glue embedded in the formula so the lashes adhere easily without the need for extra glue.

Clear Sticky Liner is ideal for a natural strip lash look.

  • V Vegan
  • All In One Eyeliner for easy application of Strip Lashes
  • Sticky Liner attaches all strip lashes with ease
  • Lasts all day

Directions of use: 
  1. Apply 2/3 coats, onto clean dry skin, to the lash line.
  2. Wait 10 - 15 seconds between coats.
  3. Fix lashes securely in place.
  4. Apply other make-up if desired.
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