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esmi Kabuki Brush

esmi Kabuki Brush

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A must for any mineral makeup routine with dual-layer vegan bristles for a buildable, flawless application of loose mineral foundation or powder. Perfect for loose mineral makeup beginners or experts to quickly build all over coverage with a natural look.

Why people love the Kabuki Brush:
- Highest quality synthetic vegan bristles
- Use with loose mineral foundation and powder
- Dual-layer bristles
- Mess-free application
- Easy clean

The soft, dense bristles of esmi's Kabuki Brush makes it easy to apply our Loose Mineral Foundation or Translucent Powder flawlessly.

Dip the brush in the product, swirl, and tap the handle on the edge of the container to remove excess before applying then lightly sweep powder across your face. Apply more liberally where extra coverage is needed.

Clean brushes are crucial for healthy skin! Your esmi Kabuki Brush can be cleaned with most brush cleaners, soaps, and shampoos. It's important not to fully submerge your brush and minimise water flowing into the base to avoid breakage.

Leave your brush to try on its side rather than standing up. Clean weekly or fortnightly and we recommend you replace it every 6 months.
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