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ed&i Part Time Self Tan + Mitt

ed&i Part Time Self Tan + Mitt

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  • Patch free fade
  • Natural Golden Finish 
  • Buildable tan ability
  • Easy application 
  • No transfer on your white sheets*
  • No under colour, hence no transfer 

Product use: Our PART TIME TAN is a buildable tan. If you are looking for a  light tan we recommend leaving for 3-4 hours before washing off. For a medium tan we recommend leaving for 4-6 hours. For a deep tan we recommend applying a second coat after 15 mins and sleeping in the tan.  


  1. For an even streak free tan, ensure your skin is clean and exfoliated with our BEFORE body scrub. And completely dry, APPLY THE TAN WITH A CLEAN MITT.
  2. Add ed&i body PART TIME tan onto a self-tanning mitt. Use long sweeping motion when applying to legs, arms, and body. Use the remaining residue on your tanning mitt and apply to the face, elbows, and knees. Use a buffing motion to these areas.
  3. Wait until it is dry to touch before dressing. This can vary from person to person.
  4. Jump in the shower and rinse your tan off lightly in a warm shower, pat your skin dry with a towel. 
  5. Finish your tanning routine with our ALWAYS moisturiser and AFTER oil for a long lasting tan.
*Potential transfer to sheets can be caused by the following:
  • Too much product application. A little goes a long way and we recommend trying one coat first and letting it develop overnight to give you a true colour outcome on skin
  • Applying moisterisr or oil to your tan layer before going to bed. The tan will hold onto the moistersier and transfer to sheets. Only apply moisteriser after your first rinse. 
  • Oil Transfer: Your skin produces natural oils, and these oils can sometimes carry pigment from your tan onto fabrics. This is more likely to occur if your skin is oily or if you use products that make your skin more oily, as above.
  • Sweating in your sleep. 
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