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ed&I Morning Coffee Face Scrub

ed&I Morning Coffee Face Scrub

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French green clay caffeinated face scrub and mask. 

Helps with
  • removing impurities
  • tighten pores
  • exfoliate away dead skin
  • help reduce inflammation of acne
  • control excess oil on the skin

Awaken your skin with a shot of real caffeinated goodness. Morning Coffee face scrub and mask is a face scrub which will help refine, detox, and replenish your skin. Gentle enough to use on your face morning or night, and strong enough to use as a weekly mask. This 2 in 1 face scrub/mask will help combat dry, bumpy, and dull skin by removing dead skin cells, and support blood flood while tightening and brightening your skin.

Derived from nature, enhanced with science.

Our Morning Coffee face scrub and face mask is free from Fragrance, Alcohol, Silicone's, parabens, Sulphates, PEGs, synthetic colures and chemical UV filters.


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