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ed&i Golden Summer Skin Duo

ed&i Golden Summer Skin Duo

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The perfect tanning combo. Cover your body with SPF to protect and top it off with the body oil to achieve the perfect golden tan. 

Step 1 - lather with SPF 30 DURING to protect your skin
Step 2 - bathe in our enriched vitamin E AFTER body oil to create the golden tan
Step 3 - repeat every 2 hours for on going protection and glow! 


Our dreamy SPF cream. Unbelievably light to the touch, it’s packed with naturally hydrating botanicals to shield and protect, while bringing your gorgeous inner glow to the surface. Apply generously whenever skin meets sun, and top up every 2 to 3 hours. (No excuses!)


Nothing beats a sexy sun-downer on the beach after a busy day of basking, and this whiskey infused elixir is my skincare equivalent. Lush with soothing oils, it goes on cool and smooth and is devilishly hydrating. Layer on liberally after sun and before dinner - then sit back and enjoy what happens. 

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