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ed&I Dry Body Brush

ed&I Dry Body Brush

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  • Helps reduce cellulite 
  • Stimulates lymphatic flow and increases blood circulation 
  • Aids in the detoxification process and improves digestion
  • Strengthens body and immune system 
  • Firms the skin 
  • Increases energy 
  • Assist with gut health 
  • Promotes a routine of mindfulness 


  1. Begin at your feet, then move up the legs in long, gentle strokes. Always stroke toward your heart (where the lymph system drains).
  2. Continue to the thighs, bum, hands and arms, back, and then finish at the tummy and chest. Pay special attention to the backs of the thighs or areas where you have cellulite. (Note: Don’t brush on broken or inflamed skin).
  3. Brush several times in each area, overlapping as you go. Adjust the pressure of the brush to the different parts of your body so it is comfortable. It should be stimulating enough to increase circulation, but also gentle on your skin (you should see at most a rosy flush to the areas you’ve brushed).
  4. Apply AFTER immediately after your shower for skin hydration.
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