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ed&i Before + Always Dry Body Scrub + Moisturiser

ed&i Before + Always Dry Body Scrub + Moisturiser

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To help

  • Dry and sensitive skin
  • Exfoliate dead skin skin away without striping your skins natural oils
  • Hydrate and renew your skin
  • improve blood circulation in the skin
  • develop new skin cells 

99% natural with a shot of real whiskey.

Whiskey - When it comes to skincare, the antiseptic properties of whiskey help control the excess oil on the skin and help prevent pimples and acne. Whiskey can even help fight the existing acne and soothe any kind of inflammation on the skin by removing the bacteria and dirt.

BEFORE - dry body scrub

Your perfect day starts with a gentle application of this delicious exfoliating dry scrub. Massage it all over to prep and care for skin, letting the whisky cacao fragrance set the mood for the day as it shamelessly seduces your senses.

ALWAYS - Hydrating Moisturiser. 

Your body and skin can never have too much attention. Keep this buttery body balm on hand to help keep your skin smooth, supple and flawless. The unique formulation means you can apply it as often as you like to help lock in hydration and maintain your natural gorgeousness with a tint of illumines glow.  

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