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Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set 16pc

Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set 16pc

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When you’re choosing makeup brushes, whether it’s for your work kit or your personal stash, it’s important to go for the best. The Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set makes brush selection easy! This 16-brush set contains all the essential brushes for creating any look, any time, with top quality in mind.

This set doesn’t just feature one line of brushes, either. Crown Brush has included a number of different bristle types, sizes, and shapes to help you achieve the best possible results with the products in your arsenal. With such a wide selection of brushes to choose from, packaged in a neat, portable brush roll, you can’t go wrong with the Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set!

Key benefits:

  • Wide range of brush bristles and styles to ensure each brush is the best choice for its intended use.
  • Comprehensive 16-brush set provides all the tools necessary to create a number of stunning pro looks.
  • Sturdy brush design makes each brush a long-lasting investment.
  • Comes packaged in a convenient, easy-to-carry brush roll for the makeup artist on the go or for beauty junkies who travel frequently.
  • Brushes won’t shed or lose fibres with washing or frequent use; each brush is built to last.

Who is the Crown Brush Pro Essentials Brush Set for?

This product is suitable for all ages, genders, and skin types. Those looking for a comprehensive set of high-quality makeup brushes that are built to last will benefit most from the use of this product. This is also a great choice for makeup artists looking to build their toolkit or beginner makeup artists looking to get started with a good, sturdy set of brushes.

Why is a great set of brushes important in your makeup routine?

The tools you use to apply your makeup are just as important as the makeup itself; great results come from great tools. Good makeup brushes pick up just the right amount of product, deposit it evenly on the skin, and make blending easy.

A full set of top-quality brushes ensures you have the right tools for each makeup product, making it easier for you to get precise, perfect makeup application.We’re pretty sure the Sistine Chapel wasn’t painted with one frayed brush, and your face is just as stunning. So use only the best tools to create your masterpiece!
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