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Crown Brush High Definition Foundation Primer

Crown Brush High Definition Foundation Primer

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The Crownbrush High Definition Foundation Primer is the perfect base for our Pro Longwear Liquid Foundation helping you achieve an even, smooth
flawless look to your face of makeup, our Foundation Primer will help your makeup look last longer.

You don't have to apply your foundation over your primer, if you want to have a 'makeup free' day but still want your skin to look even and flawless
then our primer will help you achieve this without feeling like you have a full face of makeup on.

There are a variety of ways to apply your foundation primer, some people like to use their ring and middle finger in a circular motion to apply the primer
over their face, we would recommend using our Beauty Blender or any of our Foundation brushes to ensure you have an even finish all over your face.

Perfect for reducing glare and adding a natural glow.

Size: 30ml
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