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Jojoba Transformative Eye Serum

Jojoba Transformative Eye Serum

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Natural Eye Serum - With lnst'Tight™ & Firming iPeptide™

Key Benefits of Transformative Eye Serum
  • Instantly smooths frown lines & crow's feet
  • Brightens, refreshes, smooths and opens the eyes making them appear more rested
  • Reduces the volume of eye bags and dark circles

This natural under eye serum contains a trio of naturally-derived actives for the ultimate beauty sleep. It lifts and smooths the contours of the eye for visibly brighter, open eyes.

Together with the powerful actives and a precision cooling tip to further stimulate the skin and increase circulation,wrinkles and fine lines are instantly reduced, eyes appear more open and wrinkle volume is decreased.

Clinically-Proven Results
  • Under-eye puffiness reduced by 22%*
  • Instantly smooths expression lines in 3 minutes**
  • Crows feet reduced by 43%***
  • Proven to open the eye & lift the lid by 43%e planning prolonged periods of time in direct sun (at the beach) we always recommend using a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher - as well as a hat and sunglasses.
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