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esmi Microfibre Face Cleansing Mitt

esmi Microfibre Face Cleansing Mitt

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Microfibre mitt removes 80% more dirt, makeup and product residue than a regular face washer for deeply cleansed pores and soft skin.

Ideal for all skin types to use with the esmi Uncomplicated Cleanser or after an esmi Booster Mask to sweep away all residue.

Why People Love Microfibre Face Cleansing Mitt:

- Microfibre gently grips and remove debris
- Removes 80% more effective than a face washer
- Skincare products more easily absorbed
- Doesn't harbour bacteria
- Waste reducing - no single-use cotton pads, face wipes
- Easy to clean

The Microfibre Face Cleansing Mitt gently lifts away makeup, oil, dead cells and product residue for beautifully clear, clean pores.

Removing 80% more debris than a regular face washer. Microfibre's very, very thin fibres, have a slightly positive magnetic charge which attracts dirt and residue and doesn't promote the growth of bacteria.

No more cotton pads or single-use face wipes means less waste too. Use as pre-cleanse for your skincare regime, teamed with the Uncomplicated Cleanser or post masking to remove all traces of residue.
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