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Chloe Zara Hair & Body Perfume Oil

Chloe Zara Hair & Body Perfume Oil

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A lightweight, leave-in treatment for all hair types packed full of vitamins, antioxidants, and essential fatty acids. This natural hair oil is packed full of intentional nutrients to protect against heated tools, along with UV rays and pollution.

A multi-use and everyday product, The Hair & Body Perfume Oil will strengthen, nourish, and soften the hair, smoothing frizz and reducing split ends leaving a beautiful light scent and a glossy, silky finish. Use on the skin for nourishment, perfume, and hydration all over.

Suitable for all hair types

Silicone, sulphate, paraben, and cruelty-free

Safe for pregnancy and postpartum

Colour friendly.

99.5% natural or naturally derived ingredients.

Our box is made with recycled material and uses plant-based inks.

How to use:

On Hair

Use sparingly on wet or dry hair as a therapeutic leave-in treatment or as a protective pre-styling foundation to all heat-styling techniques. Apply to your hands and rub together so there is an even coverage of oil, then apply firstly to mid lengths and ends of damp hair combing through to insure it is evenly dispersed. As a finishing touch apply to dry hair to smooth any flyways, add shine and fragrance.

On Body

Apply to dry or slightly damp skin to hydrate and soften. Or add to your skin's pulse points for a body fragrance.

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