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Lashfridays NEW Lash & Mascara Duo Pack

Lashfridays NEW Lash & Mascara Duo Pack

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Experience the ultimate lash care with our Lash Serum and Mascara Serum Duo Pack. This powerful combination ensures round-the-clock nourishment and enhancement for your lashes. Our Lash Growth Serum works overnight to support natural lash growth, while our Growth Serum Mascara provides volume, length, and conditioning during the day.

Why Choose the Duo?

  • Maximize Results: Use the Lash Growth Serum nightly to fortify lashes at the root, and the Growth Serum Mascara daily to protect and enhance your lashes.
  • Gentle and Effective: Both products are designed with sensitive eyes in mind, free from harsh ingredients that can lead to irritation.
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